Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Deadly Shell Hits A Hospital in the Rebel-Held City of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

The UN, USA and all the EU countries are responsible for the killing of innocent civilians in Ukraine. I warned about these types of tragic events in some earlier posts. Here below is one of those short notes.

M. Sirani              04.02.2015

Warning: Prevent A Possible Ethnic Cleansing in Ukraine. 

Speaking at DAVOS today, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia for its direct intervention and meddling in the country's civil war. In this speech, President Poroshenko stated that Russia has deployed 9000 troops into Ukraine in order to back the Russian separatists.

Regarding this claim, some considerations are in order.
The presence of some Russians in the Ukrainian civil war is a simple fact, which cannot be denied by anyone neither by the officials in the Kremlin. This issue, however, is not the most important part of the story.The important issue in this matter is how and in which way these Russian citizens have joined the civil war in Ukraine. In this respect, we face some questions as follows.

1- Has Moscow deployed its military troops into Ukraine as Presidnet Poroshenko, NATO officials and some Western politicians repeatedly claim?
If this accusation has a strong foundation, either the Ukrainian authority or NATO officials should provide some credible and reliable evidence for the UN and the international community. As far as i know, neither Ukraine, nor NATO, nor some of the Western politicians have not been able to offer a clear and reasonable evidence in this matter. As such, we are left with one possibility, which is that some Russian citizens would voluntarily join the civil war in Ukraine in order to help ethnic Russians in this battle.

In this respect, we cannot point the finger at Kremlin and blame Moscow. Simply because, we are living in an unlawful era that voluntarily joining any intrastate, interstate, extrastate or a civil war for every citizen is allowed. So is the case of those Kurdish people in Turkey, who are joining the fight against ISIS in Syria or Iraq in order to support the Kurdish people in those areas. So is the case of those American or European citizens, which are joining the fight in different parts of the world in order to help a religious or ethnic minority. In any of these cases, we can criticize an authority for its negligence and reluctance in this matter, but we cannot directly accuse that authority for deploying its troop to another state; unless, we would be able to underpin the accusation with some reliable and credible evidence and document.

2- The second question is with regards to the number of 9000 Russian troops claimed by the Ukrainian President. I'm wondering, based on which evidence, document and how the Ukrainian President have come up with such an exact and clear number.

This exact number leads my mind to something else. (I hope, my assumption in this matter is wrong).
I think, this 9000 figure is an average number of the Ukrainian rebels, who are fighting against Kiev in the eastern part of Ukraine. By this type of remark, that Russia has sent 9000 troops into Ukraine, Kiev is facilitating the ground and preparing the public opinion for a massive offensive move somewhere in the near future. A huge, broad and massive military offensive move, which in, Kiev would be able to fully seize the control in the eastern part of the country and consequently force the rebels to completely leave Ukraine towards Russia. A type of invisible Ethnic Cleansing.

The chance for occurring such a scenario might not be very high. But the massive negative consequences of such a move in different terms, tell us: we should be aware of intensifying conflict in Ukraine.

Note: It should be mentioned that in case of performing such a plan by Kiev, Moscow will directly involve the battle and consequently occupy the whole country in a very short period of time. In sum, I hope Kiev and its Western allies avoid miscalculation and furthermore understand the negative consequences and side effects of such a wrong move.

M. Sirani                                  21.01.2015