Friday, February 27, 2015

Deploying Ground Troops to Iraq and Syria For Defeating ISIS????? Are You Familiar With the Simple Term of "Giving & Receiving"?


You are shocking me. Have you ever thought about the final achievement of this military proposal? Have you ever thought that you can use this tactic in order to reach some other positive results in both Iraq and Syria? Have you ever heard about bargaining or Giving & Receiving?
Do you know that you can solve the major problems in both Syria and Iraq by such a military tactic?

Why are you destroying your own last winning card so easily? Why do you want to waste all your resources for the benefit of the Iranian and Syrian Regimes? Isn't there any other middle way?

Note: Don't implement such a plan; because it would be only beneficial for the Iranian and Syrian Regimes in the final stage. You can get much more positive results, more than defeating ISIS alone, by implementing this plan; of course, if you open up your eyes and look at the situation in a much more broader perspective.

I don't reveal the whole my own plan and ideas in this matter; but for your own sake; at least pay attention more to the term "Giving & Receiving". You want to train 15,000 Syrian rebels in Turkey and at the same time deploy some ground forces to Iraq and Syria without getting any troubles at all with both the Iranian and Syrian Regimes!!!!??? If this is your plan, i have to admit that: Your confusion is unlimited looooooool

M. Sirani                       27.02.2015