Friday, February 6, 2015

You Never Win the War in Ukraine.

The Western Countries (the USA + the EU):

You might be able to gain enormous benefit by selling various types of weapons to Ukraine.
You might be able to destroy the whole Ukraine through this unnecessary tension and consequently will get some wealthy contracts for reconstruction of the whole country

But remember:
By this wrong policy, you are sinking Ukraine in more debt and you will never win the conflict in Ukraine. Simply because, you are dreaming and stagnating in the glorious days of cold war era, which does not exist anymore and at the same time, you have absolutely no idea, what types of leverages Russia has not only in Ukraine but also in the Balkan States. Whether you like or not, this is fact, which you should understood it during the last  couple of months useless struggle in that country.  Admit it simply that your coup d'etat or so-called Purple Revolution in Ukraine was and is counterproductive and reach nowhere.

M. Sirani                         06.02.2014