Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Multiple Drones Flying Over Paris And The Necessity of Some Type of Offensive Drone - Hunter Drone.

Once again, some multiple drones violated the air space of Paris last night. The French authority is looking for who was flying those drones and why.

Briefly: This is a fact that a simple and cheap drone attached with small piece of explosive, can function as a deadly weapon and hit every strategic and important target,whenever or wherever is planned. Such a scenario, maybe not on that scale, but reminds us to the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in the USA.

As it appears, the war of drones has begun. It seems, we need to develop a new type of drone; an Offensive Drone-Hunter type drone,  which would be able to shut down the illegal drones that are flying over strategic and important targets in a quick and short period of time. Moreover, the authorities in the Western countries should have more control about those companies that produce different types of drones and those customers, who are buying them. (It should be mentioned that this issue is not an easy task and also cannot offer us 100% security guarantee, due to the fact that everyone, who has a little bit knowledge in this matter, can buy different parts of a drone from various shops and build a deadly flying weapon in secret).  

M. Sirani                                 24.02.2015