Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Possible Trap Designed by ISIS & The Muslim Brotherhood for Egypt: 21 Egyptian-Christians Were Killed By ISIS Affiliate in Libya.

This is a very sad event not just for the Egyptian people but also for the free international community.
There is no doubt that those responsible for this horrific and inhuman act should be held accountable and face the justice.
But this inhuman act performed by ISIS terrorists in Libya should not be the cause of a sudden and emotional response by the Egyptian authority inside the geographical territory of Libya. The current Egyptian government should do whatever it can in order to preserve and maintain the security of its citizens in Libya. But this sad event should not be a reason that Egypt will be directly involved in the chaotic Libyan civil war inside Libya.

The current Egyptian authority should be smart and careful about its vulnerable domestic issues and the presence of hidden Muslim Brotherhood cells across the country. Involving directly in the Libyan civil war will facilitate the best opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Egypt in a very easy manner.

In this respect, this is the responsibility of the UN and the international community to find a fundamental solution for Libya, not the Egyptian Authority alone.

Note: This might be a possible trap designed by ISIS and The Muslim Brotherhood in order to provoke General Al-Sisi and Egypt. A sudden, emotional and wrong military intervention of Egypt inside Libya would be beneficial for ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in different terms particularly in the long term. Should this happen, the whole Middle East will observe a real and serious explosion.

M. Sirani                                     15.02.2015