Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deadly Terrorist Attack at Blasphemy Debate in Copenhagen.

Some Western analysts claim that the total terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic Fundamentalists is just 2% in comparison with other terrorist activities. As such, we should not make a big deal out of this issue; we should not stigmatize it; we should avoid Islamophobic behavior.

Such politicians and pundits do not understand or they don't want to understand a simple fact based on many economic, political and Geo-Strategic reasons, which is out of the scope of this short note.

This simple fact is as follows. The total terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic fundamentalists might be 2%. But the scale, scope, impact and the negative effect of this 2%  is more than other 98%. In order to prove the validity of my argument, i use a simple example.

According to the Western countries the Basque group or FARC are two terrorist groups. These two groups directly and indirectly threaten the security and stability (in different terms) of  two political systems mainly in two states not in the whole world. 

But, when the Islamic terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris and assassinated those innocent victims,  most of us as writers, painters, cartoonists, artists, etc (who are not living in France) didn't dare to do our job ( for example criticize Islam or Prophet Mohammad) as we did in the past. Moreover, the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris functioned as a wake up call for other hibernated Islamic terrorist cells not only inside France but also in other countries around the world. Today's terrorist attack in Copenhagen is a clear example of such a side effect. In short, this is the time that the international community particularly the Western countries (The USA and the EU) stop with their apologist and appeasement policies toward the Arab countries and the Islamic Regime of Iran and find a comprehensive and fundamental solution for the Islamic terrorism; before it's too late.    

Note: Check the birth rates of Muslim family in your country (UK did it); check all the marshal arts sport centers in your countries (check members, nationalities, religions). Maybe you wake up from hibernation mode and understand what is going on in your countries. 

M. Sirani                                       14.02.2015