Monday, February 23, 2015

My Last Year Prediction About Egypt - Russia Close Relationship Came True.

Due to the totally chaotic foreign policy of the USA and some of the EU countries with regards to different events in the Middle East, through a short note, i predicted last year that some of the countries around the world would bandwagon with Russia; instead of the USA or some other EU countries. In this respect, Egypt was one of the first candidates in my opinion. It should be added that this process will continue in a much broad and large scale as long as the Western countries would not change their foreign policies in a logical, reasonable and fundamental manner.

Here below is a copy of that short note.

Note: What a pity that most of the current policy-makers in the West cannot predict what would happen tomorrow. Expecting a prediction, which might will happen somewhere in the future, e.g. next year from them is a type of too much request. 

M. Sirani                              23.02.2015

Promotion of Russia Among Many Countries Around the World.

I'm not defending Russia and i am not a fan of President Putin, partly due to the close relationship between Moscow and Tehran. But when i consider different events, which have been occurred in the last couple of years in the Middle East, i can predict that, in addition to Iran and Syria, some other countries in the region will be allied to Russia in the future. In this respect, Egypt might be the first one.

M. Sirani                       28.03.2014