Thursday, February 12, 2015

Totally Wrong Policy Against ISIS in Both Iraq And Syria.

I have mentioned this issue in some of my previous short notes and i repeat it again.

Your policy against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria is totally wrong. You are wasting your resources in a wrong manner. In addition, your policy in this matter will be beneficial only (i emphasize only) for the Iranian Regime and Assad's Regime at the end of the road.

For your own sake wake up; open your eyes; there is another plan, which in the final stage would defeat ISIS, decrease the overall influence of Iran in both Iraq and Syria and put an end to the Syrian civil war; of course if you don't want to appease the Iranian Regime for a useless nuclear deal. If you have decided to appease the Iranian Regime for a nuclear deal, i can tell you that your previous and current policy against ISIS (as far as i observe) are in the right track; although, the Iranian Regime constantly shows and pretends its dissatisfaction in various occasions.

Note: I have developed a plan, which would probably achieve those goals mentioned above.

M. Sirani                      12.02.2015