Friday, February 20, 2015

President Obama Says: We are not at War With Islam!!! Are You Kidding Me??????? Instead of Playing Golf, Spend Couple of Hours and Read the English Version of Quran.

In his recent speech, president Obama has said " We are not at war with Islam".
I'm wondering where does this idea come from? Who are those genius speech writers or advisers behind such a deeply shallow and illogical statement?

According to President Obama's statement, It seems we are living in Don Quixote Roman written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and those soldiers and people, who are fighting the Islamic terrorist groups around the globe, are those schizophrenic mosquiters, who are fighting with some water wheels around the world.

Note: You have ruined your reputation enough with your chaotic foreign policy in every corner of the world, Don't make it worse than ever by such statements. For the sake of your own reputation, instead of playing golf, use your time for couple of hours and read the English version of Quran and then make a public statement about Islam.  

M. Sirani                       20.02.2015