Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greece Will Make A Financial Deal with Russia or China, If the EU would Reject its Proposal (As i Predicted Earlier).

This is a fact, Greece can cause a bad headache for the EU, if the Union will reject its proposal. In this respect, Greece can simply make a deal with either China, or Russia, or as i predicted nearly three weeks ago Greece can make a financial deal with the New Development Bank (BRICS). Such a move, will crush the reputation of IMF, the WB and the European Central Bank in the international arena. Here below is my previous note in this matter. I hope those politicians in the USA and EU understand a simple and real fact that: We have entered into a new era. Those powerful old institutions in different financial and military terms cannot impose and enforce their demands easily as they did in the past. Wake up, feel and observe the transformation phase of the rise and fall of empires and consequently the emergence of new international institutions.

M. Sirani                             10.02.2015

Greece Needs Financial Support: A Historical Moment for the New Development Bank (26.011.2015).

Do not push Greece too hard. Greece might declare default and exit from the EU. This is something that neither the EU, nor any other international authority can do anything about it. Should this happen, IMF and the European Central bank would lose a lot. Such a move, in addition, would create a new wave of economic crisis for the EU.
There is something else that the EU, the European Central Bank and IMF should carefully pay attention to it.
If you push Greece too hard, the country might ask the New Development Bank (BRICS group) for bail out and financial help. (I'm pretty sure, Greece will get a much better offer from the New Development Bank).

Note: Thus be logical and reasonable; do not say: Greece cannot get a new hair cut. Try to understand that Greece can get a better new hair cut from some other places. The era of supremacy of the WB and IMF is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

M. Sirani               26.01.2015