Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Are Like A Sinking Ship, When It Comes to Iran and Its Unlawful Activities in Different Terms.

 As i warned you last year, the Iranian Regime is preparing itself for the occurrence of a tough and difficult situation in the near future. The recent tough and furious speech of Ayatollah Khamenei clearly shows what i'm taking about.

A short clip about Khamenei's speech, which took place yesterday. (Persian Language).

Note: You (the Western countries) are like a sinking ship, when it comes to the Islamic Regime of Iran, its fast growing expansionist influence in the Middle East and some parts of Africa and more importantly its ambitious and adventurous nuclear activities.

M. Sirani                            19.02.2015

Here below is my previous short note (Uploaded last year) in this matter.  

Khamenei's Today Order: Enforcing The Grand Plan of “Resistance Economy” in Iran As Soon As Possible.

Today, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime "Ayatollah Khamenei" sent an important proclamation to the heads of all Iran's branches of power. According to this order, all the entities within the Islamic Regime should as soon as possible perform and implement the so-called "Resistance Economy" in the country.
The proclamation, which consists of 24 articles,  outlines the general policies and measures of the Islamic Regime, in different arenas mainly economic terms. We should bear in mind that Khamenei didn't issue such a proclamation during all these years that the international community had imposed severe sanctions on Iran. From this event, we can deduce that the Islamic Regime is preparing itself for the occurrence of some difficult situation somewhere in the future. This is a very important development that should not be underestimated or ignored.

M. Sirani                           19.02.2014