Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS and Al-Qaeda Are Easily Transferring Their Members Among the Real Asylum Seekers into the EU From A solid Platform Like Libya; While the European Decision- Makers are in the Hibernation Mode.

Wake up; Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups are easily deploying their forces into your territories across the EU. Do something, before it's too late. Just imagine a single terrorist attack in Copenhagen /Denmark canceled a simple carnival in Germany. What would happen, if some five or ten individual terrorists would simultaneously perform such horrific acts in some countries within the EU? Can you imagine the disastrous impact of such an event in different terms within the EU?

Note: Pardon me; I forgot, you are busy with Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine and Russia are more vital and important issues than the deployment of Islamic fundamentalist members into the EU. lol

M. Sirani                    18.02.2015