Thursday, February 5, 2015

Norway Planning to Jail People Who Offer Food, Money or Shelter to the Homeless ( A Clear Assassination of All Moral and Ethical Principles).

This move is a clear assassination of all moral and ethical principles; this proposal is a fundamental violation of basic human rights. I'm wondering, who are the genius law makers behind this plan?

These genius law makers would have executed Anna Frank for helping and sheltering the Jewish people according to this proposal, if she was alive at the present time and lived in Norway.

If you want to ruin the reputation of Norway and Norwegian people in the whole history of human kind, approve this disastrous law. Shame on those law makers; shame on.

Note: I believe this is the time that all Norwegian human rights organizations including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee forget the human rights conditions around the globe and use some of their resources to improve the basic human rights condition in Norway itself. Moreover, there is much more deeper and darker point behind this proposal that no one including the Norwegian cultural and educational institutions do not pay serious attention to it. The dark point is the level of knowledge of those Norwegian people, who elected such genius law makers in the previous election. This is an important issue that Norwegian authority should work on it in a much more proper, professional and comprehensive manner. Otherwise, the country will face some type of abnormality in various form somewhere in the future.

M. Sirani                                        05.02.2015