Sunday, February 8, 2015

Iran Has Passed the Nuclear Red Line; Wake UP.


Iran has learned: how to enrich uranium; how to build and develop faster nuclear centrifuge; how to buy necessary items in this matter in the black market; how to build a ballistic missile; how to play the seek and hide game; how to delude and deceive the international community by its Good Cup & Bad Cup policy and the efforts of its lobbyists, which are deeply penetrated in various economic, cultural, social, educational and political sectors in the Western countries from the USA up until each one of the EU countries.

In addition, Iran has smartly spread its nuclear plants across the country; one of them i.e. Fordo plant has been built nearly 90 meters under ground; something that the most powerful country in the world cannot do anything at all about them at this progressive stage.

The important point is the following. Iran managed to reach these achievements only due to the Western countries apologist and appeasement policy toward the Islamic Regime in different occasions during the last 20 years up until now.

To put it simply: You are trying to avoid a military confrontation with the Iranian Regime. But, you should understand that your wrong appeasement policy will finally drag you into an useless military confrontation with the Islamic Regime. In other words, you will pay a very high price with regards to Iran's nuclear activity somewhere in the future only because of your wrong,  naive , shallow and appeasement policy.

My suggestion: wake up; in addition to useless nuclear negotiation, try to find and implement a type of damage control policy in this matter. There is a solution in this matter, a solution, which would largely dismantle the Islamic Regime in the region. (By this, i don't mean direct military confrontation with Iran; not at all).

Note: Although, i'm fully aware that when it comes to foreign policy,  the Obama administration has  wrongly put all its eggs in the basket of an useless nuclear deal with the Islamic Regime in Iran.

M. Sirani                                08.02.2015