Monday, February 2, 2015

Warning: $ 3 Billion Dollars Military Assistance to Ukraine at This Critical Stage is a Clear Violation of the International Law and Convention.

Don't tell us you are thinking about Ukraine and Ukrainian people.
Don't tell us you are trying to find a solution for the civil war in Ukraine.

Do not throw your jargon in the media; we are neither retarded, nor illiterate nor dumb.
Forget Ukraine and the devastating situation of Ukrainian people; just tell us how much the military industry will pay you in terms of commission following this military contract.

Note: Those, who are behind this move, are directly responsible for the killing of innocent people in Ukraine. 

These genius so-called "Problem-Solver" should understand: 
1- Ukraine is struggling with a devastating civil war. 2- Exporting weapon and military equipment to a country, which is struggling with civil war, is prohibited according to the international laws and conventions.

It's funny the USA had put extra pressure on France to do not sell military ship to Russia. In this respect, France lost a beneficial economic opportunity. Now the USA itself, wants to sign a $ 3 billion dollars military contract with Ukraine. Nice method to weakens a competitor and impose its supremacy. So was the case of many German, Norwegian, and other EU countries businesses. 

The winners and losers of current tension in Ukraine are as follows based on the scale.

The losers:
1- Ukraine and Ukrainian people.
2- The EU countries, which had some types of business with Ukraine and Russia.
3- Russia.

The Winner:

1- Only the USA.

For your own sake; wake up. 

M. Sirani                                    02.02.2015