Friday, May 29, 2015

A Free Verse: Joyful Flashback.

   Joyful Childhood

I'm hunger for those sweet days
When we rang the doorbells
And ran fast like a silver bullet
When we picked apples 
From neighbor's yard secretly
And vanished fast like a genie in the air
Oh dear…, I miss those days badly
It’s been a long time since then
But still I’m truly longing
For those sweet days
For those innocent joys
For those decent naughty moves
For those childish criminal acts
For those risky impossible missions
For those exciting moments of fear and joy
For those juvenile hits and runs
For those honest companionships
Oh dear…., I miss those sweet days
If you still feel rebellion
Deep inside your heart and soul
If you still miss those adventures
Just like me; like those days
Then come along with me
Let's re-taste those joys again
Let's repeat those risky events again
Let's rewrite a new chapter
A new historical chapter
About decent secret joy
About pure camaraderie
About long-lasting love

M. Sirani      28.05.2015