Friday, May 29, 2015

An Epigram: Touching You.

       Touching you

In my endless gloomy world

When AM or PM of time is meaningless                                                                                              

When boundary between day and night is disordered

When four seasons seem soullessly just one-colored                                                                               

When sunshine has lost its warmth

When moonlight does not inspire any passion

When stars do not blink anymore

When whole universe seems frozen

Touching your warm hand
                  Soft lips
                     Silky skin
                        Elegant body
Are undeniably the endless pleasures

Touching your delicate feelings
             Decent heart
                 Pure soul
 Are the ultimate divine destination                  

That's my heartful feeling about
        Being with you
                  Having you
                               Touching you
 An amazing journey toward eternal happiness

A bold voyage toward perpetual peace

That’s what touching you means to me

            Oh dear
        Let me know you more
            Understand you better
                Explore you deeper
                    Feel you closer
           Before it’s too late anymore  
 Life is a precious but extremely short odyssey

M. Sirani                           18.05.2015