Wednesday, May 13, 2015

EU New Plan Aims to Bring 20,000 Refugees To Europe in the Next Two Years.

I'm wondering how do the European decision makers evaluate the migrant crisis? How would the EU be able to limit the number of refugees at a rate of 20,000 people? What type of leverage/s do the EU have to keep the number of refugees at this chosen number? Are the EU policy makers aware that the flux of migrants is an inevitable event beyond the will, power and authority of the Union? How long would the EU want to continue with such a weak and ineffective plan with regards to a great humanitarian disaster like migrant crisis?

Note: The EU policy makers should be prepared for many more refugees, more than this number they have chosen; due to the fact that the situation in the whole Middle East and North Africa will getting worse than what we are observing currently, in the next coming months and years. As such, it would be wise that EU would try to address the migrant crisis in a more effective, professional, comprehensive, fundamental and long term manner. Otherwise, the Union will inevitably be surprised from different angles.

M. Sirani                                  13.05.2015