Sunday, May 3, 2015

As it Appears: Saudi-Led Coalition Has Deployed some Ground Force in Yemen's Strategic Port of Aden.


No matter how many ground forces have been deployed or will be deployed to Yemen in the next coming days, weeks or months, the current military operation would not lead the Saudi-led coalition to a total victory in Yemen based on many reasons. These reasons have been briefly discussed in some of my previous short notes. In short, the Saudi-led coalition might achieve some success in the short term, but the coalition would lose the battle in Yemen in the long term. As i have repeatedly mentioned the Yemeni war would become the Vietnam war of Saudis.

Note: You are too late, too short, too ineffective with regards to current tension in Yemen. You need a comprehensive and long term plan not only for Yemen but also for the whole Middle East and North Africa with regards to expansionist behavior of the Islamic Regime. You should bear in mind that the military operation alone would not lead you toward victory.

M. Sirani                       03.05.2015