Saturday, May 16, 2015

Modern Slavery in Qatar. Should We Close Our Eyes to The Clear Violation of Human Rights in Qatar Because of the World Cup or Oil or Economic Trade?


This is a very heartbreaking news:

1- When i hear that Nepalese construction workers should work in a rich-oil country like Qatar with such a harsh weather for just $220 dollars per month.

2- When i hear that some of these Nepalese workers cannot return back to their country to help their families at this critical moment following the recent earthquake, because they are still in debt to some blood sucker individual or company because of recruitment fees. 

Isn't this a modern slavery? Who is responsible in this matter? Which entity or organization can / should help these Nepalese workers that currently are trapped in Qatar? What is the responsibility of UN, LO, ILO, FIFA and other human rights organizations in this matter? Shouldn't we globally find a solution for this inhuman event? or Should we close our eyes to this harsh violation of human rights in Qatar because of the World Cup or oil-gas or some other economic trade? 

M. Sirani                       16.05.2015 

Watching your country collapse from afar.