Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nowadays; The Era of Intellectual Famine.

Nowadays, in the highly industrialized societies I mean, they don’t force you like Socrates to drink a fatal poisonous liquid; neither burn you like Joan of Arc in front of a church; nor send you like Machiavelli into the exile, nor execute you like Lumumba in the captivity; nor shot you dead like Che Guevara in the remote area of an unknown forest; nor contaminate your body with a deadly virus or radioactive substance; nor assassinate you in a so-called ‘air, train or car accident’; nor put you in prison nor torture you like those large numbers political activists, who are imprisoned because of their ideas in all underdeveloped countries around the world. Instead, they just simply ignore you; marginalize you; isolate you; drown you within an ocean full of rejected job applications; push you in the stage of unemployment benefit and humiliate you in a very unfair, unjust, cruel and of course ineffective manner, in order to crush your idea, mind, soul and body. This is the typical reaction of our modern era with new thinkers; those thinkers, who don’t want to simply follow the destructive parts of the current dysfunctional system just like a loyal and brainless sheep. This is apparently the miraculous by-product of the ‘invisible hand’ that Adam Smith promised us nearly 250 years ago. This is, by all means, the naked tragedy of nowadays. This is the end of the Enlightenment Era and beginning of what I name it: The Era of Intellectual Famine.

M. Sirani                             30.05.2015