Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Yemeni Officials Urged UN for a Swift Ground Intervention in the Country.


Any ground intervention, no matter performed by Saudi-led coalition, or the UN Peacekeeping forces or well-equipped army of a powerful country like the USA, at this stage (i emphasize at this stage) in Yemen, will end up in a huge fiasco based on many reasons. Considering many factors, the Yemeni war is worse than other current wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Note: Whether we like it or not, it's too late for a humanitarian intervention in Yemen. However, before the whole country plunge into more chaos / humanitarian catastrophe / total destruction and consequently become a completely safe haven, training center and suitable platform for every radical Islamic groups across the region, we should find a diplomatic solution for Yemen.

The only reliable and achievable solution in this matter at this critical stage is a type of compromise between Yemeni Shiite and Sunni groups; whether we like it or not. Timing is an important factor in this matter as well. We should bear in mind that we might lose this opportunity somewhere in the near future, if the Houthis would get the upper hand and seize more control in Yemen. The UN should act immediately; before it's too late.

***The Saudi policy makers should have predicted this difficult position in the beginning. Every decision based on emotional image would lead to a disaster, specially when the decision is related to an important issue such as the international politics.  

M. Sirani                              07.05.2015