Friday, May 8, 2015

Taliban Opened Political Office in Qatar just A Few Days Ago. Today,the Terrorist Group Downed A Military Helicopter Carrying Foreign Diplomats.

A Pakistani military helicopter was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile in North Part of Pakistan. The Taliban has claimed the responsibility of this horrific and barbaric act. In this terrorist act, many foreign envoys including the ambassadors of Norway and Philippine have been killed.

 This is a sad event not only for Norway or Philippine but also for the entire international community.  This sad event should raise some serious questions for us.

1- How long should we continue to deal with a terrorist group like Taliban in an unprofessional and illogical manner?

2- How long should we unreasonably and illogically make up a monstrous group like Taliban and pretend that this terrorist group is moving toward reformation, tolerance and democratic values?

3- How many more innocent people, whether Afghans, Pakistani or foreigners, should we sacrifice to understand that it is the time that we should fundamentally get rid of such a terrorist group and its barbaric ideology?

4- How many innocent people should we sacrifice to understand that our appeasement and apologist policy toward this terrorist group do not function at all?

Note: Enough is enough. This is the time that we should leave aside some shallow and delusional academic jargon in this matter (e.g. Department N**** at Norwegian University****)  and put an end to this barbaric terrorist group in both Afghanistan and Pakistan in a very comprehensive, professional and fundamental manner. This sad event shows that your policy & plan with regards to North Waziristan and Taliban are totally wrong and counterproductive; your plan needs a serious reevaluation, if you tolerate critics. I hope the Norwegian authority and the rest of the international community take the serious measures in this matter.

***I don't want to mention any name but Some might remember that four years ago, i warned about wrong and counter-productivity of some policy with regards to Taliban and North Waziristan program.

M. Sirani                           08.05.2015