Friday, May 15, 2015

Russia Planning Legislation to Brand Foreign NGOs as Undesirable (Russia's Decision in This Matter is Inevitable Based on Copenhagen School of Thought).


Based on 'Copenhagen School Approach'(developed by: B. Buzan, O. Wæver, J. De Wilde), this move of Russia is inevitable. This is a simple thing that all western, Ukrainian and Russian civil society, grassroots, human rights organizations and activists should pay attention to it.
As long as the tension in Ukraine intensifies, Russian authority undoubtedly limits the scope and level of activities of all civil society movements in Russia and in the western part of Ukraine; of course, if it would be able to do.

Note: Hope some organization like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Norwegian Helsinki Committee and alike have deeper understanding about this approach, its correlation and effect with regards to current tension between Russia and The West amid Ukraine.

*** I don't have time to explore this school of thought in this short note. But Briefly:  As much as you (the western countries and organizations) push Russia with regards to current tension in Ukraine, you are, by your own hands, facilitating the best opportunity for Russian authority to limit the activity or completely shut down the activity of various civil society, grassroots or humanitarian organization in Russia (Securitization & Politicization) , 
due to some artificially fabricated security measures. I'm pretty sure,  some of you have done lots of damages in this matter to your own activities in Russia or any other undemocratic states so far, due to the lack of proper knowledge to this approach and alike. But it would be wise to consider this school of though, when you are designing any plan in any undemocratic political system including in Russia and Ukraine. This simply means, you should design your plan in a very smart and professional manner in a way that: 1- you should be able to continue with your positive activities under the control of an undemocratic system in an appropriate and effective manner and 2- while you don't facilitate an opportunity for that undemocratic system to limit your activity. I know this is a very tricky and sensitive point. But it is not an impossible mission.

Fore more details: your policy makers can google: Copenhagen School Approach (in International Relations) developed by Barry. Buzan, Ole. Wæver, and Jaap. De Wilde.

M. Sirani                         15.05.2015