Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keeping Away the Iranian Planes is Something. But How Would You Be Able to Provide Help to Those Yemeni People in Need, When You Have Bombed all the Airports in the Country?

You have bombed all the important bridges, roads and airports in Yemen. Are you thinking about the consequences of your moves or you don't care at all? How would you or other humanitarian organizations be able to deliver food, water and medicine to those Yemeni people in need in the next coming days, weeks, months and years? By horse or camel?

Note: The situation in Yemen would become worse than current Syria based on many reasons. As an example, Syria has ground borders with different countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. The international community has been able to deliver some help to the Syrian people in different ways through these borderlines or open a safe humanitarian corridor, to some extent, for the Syrian refugees. But Yemen does not have such a possibility in that scale. Thus, it would be wise to stop the madness and prevent a disastrous humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen; before it's too late. 

M. Sirani                     05.05.2015