Monday, May 4, 2015

Germany's Defense Chief Says: Our Goal in An EU Army. In Case of Such An Event, the U.S.- Led NATO Would Become An Orphan Kid in The International Arena.

Briefly: Should this happen:

This would be a huge step for EU toward more autonomy, independence and maturity in different terms. Such a move can profoundly shape the foreign policy of the EU in both negative and positive manners; depends on the type of EU policy makers and their assumption about the international politics and foreign affairs. Among the EU members, however, the two countries of Germany and France would benefit more than other Union members by this move. To put it simply, this move would inevitably elevate the important role of the EU in general, and France and Germany in particular, in the international arena.

Such a move, in addition, would make the U.S. - led NATO an orphan kid in the international arena; as such, this proposal would highly likely face a serious unpleasant reaction mostly from U.S., UK and some weak states (probably the former Soviet Union's orbit states) within the EU. It should be added that a type of dualism in this matter, i.e. being member of both NATO and the EU Army simultaneously, not only would not be beneficial for the EU, but also it would undoubtedly cause a serious headache in different terms for the Union.

Note: The EU should have performed such a move in the beginning of its establishment in 1993, for example,; when the Soviet Eastern Block was dismantled three years earlier in 1990. It's time for the EU to largely cut the loose from its big brother. 

M. Sirani                           04.05.2015