Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Iran’s Aid Ship Will Arrive in Yemeni Al-Hudaydah Port Next Tue or Wed; Depends on the Weather, Nearly 7 Days from Today (13.05.2015).

Many officials in Tehran have openly and publicly stated that the ship will not go to Djibouti and Iran will not allow any foreign troop inspect the ship. Would Iranian officials change their mind in these matters in the next six or seven days or not is really unknown at this stage; at least for me. Many factors mainly the position of Hothis in the Yemeni civil war play important role in this matter.

As i have briefly explained in some of my previous short note, there is low probability that Iran would start a direct military confrontation with Saudi-led coalition because of Yemen at least at this stage. Regarding Iran's aid ship, maybe in the final stage, Iran would allow a neutral body, for example, UN inspectors check the ship. By such a move, Iran projects its power and at the same time ease the tension for a military confrontation with Saudi-led coalition, to some extent. However, there is always risk for a horrific accident in such a critical situation.

M. Sirani                             13.05.2015