Friday, March 13, 2015

Drafting A Resolution Within the Security Council Amid Lifting Iran's Sanctions Is A Wrong Move At This Stage.

Such a move would undoubtedly make the job difficult for the U.S. Congressmen, if the Congress would decide to unilaterally ignore the nuclear deal with Iran somewhere in the future. But approving such a resolution at this stage, when the international community cannot properly verify the peaceful nature and intention of Iran's nuclear activity, is a huge risk. Such a move would be totally beneficial only for Iran and nothing else at this critical stage. Thus, it would be wise for the permanent members of the Security Council to postpone this move at least at this stage. Let's first, role the ball in the ground of the Islamic Regime and see how the the Iranian Regime follow the nuclear deal for a while and then draft a powerful resolution like this; not at this unclear stage.

Note: Do not let the letter of 47 American Congressmen negatively push you to other side of the edge in the benefit and advantage of the Islamic Regime; do not let such an internal conflict within the U.S. political system, drag all of you into a regrettable road of a shaky nuclear deal with Iran.

M. Sirani                          13.03.2015