Monday, March 16, 2015

U.S. Removed Iran and Hezbollah From Its Terrorist List; A New Confusion and Contradictory Move of the Obama Administration.

The Obama administration has put all its foreign policy eggs in the basket of a nuclear deal with Iran. As such, the administration is ready to sacrifice everything including its reputation in order to make this deal happen. Needless to explain the confusion of the Obama administration and enormous contradictions in this matter. Because, President Obama signed and renewed "the State of Emergency Against Iran" just couple of days ago. How did this happen? How could a dangerous state like Iran "According to the State of Emergency Act" become a peaceful state during just couple of days time? What are the signs of this huge transformation and progress? (Maybe recently conquering Yemen. looooooooooool). 

Note: This doesn't mean i agree with every policy developed by these scholars; but i'm wondering does the Obama administration have any contact whatsoever with some experienced scholars like H. Kissinger or Z. Brzezinski or M. Albright or some other contemporary scholars, who are living and lecturing in the USA? Have the Obama administration thought about the consequences and backlashes of this move in the Middle East in terms of radical Sunni groups?

As it appears, the Iranian Regime's lobbyists have substituted all those famous scholars within the Obama administration. In this respect, i should say: Good luck Mr. President; you are going to be the substitute of A. Chamberlain in our historical books in the near future.
This move would undoubtedly cause more chaos, fragmentation and conflict in the Middle East in various terms.

M. Sirani                     16.03.2015