Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Letter of 47 American Senators to Iran is the Aftershock of Bibi's Speech in Congress.

As i predicted in my earlier post, Netanyahu's speech in the Congress would make the nuclear deal with Iran much more difficult for some particularly for the Obama administration. The recent letter of 47 American Senators to Iran should be understood in this respect. Although, the Obama administration tried to ignore, undermine and underestimate the event in different terms, Bibi's speech shook not only the DC but also the international community in a very powerful manner. This, however, is not the end of the story. We would observe more critical views in this matter whether within the political system in the USA or the EU or among the Arab countries somewhere in the future. Here below is the copy of that short note.

M. Sirani                                10.03.2015

Bibi Shook the DC in a Very Powerful and Reasonable Manner.

I'm neither a warmonger, nor agree with all foreign policy moves of Israel in the region; although i'm among those Iranians, who have been trying to completely overthrow the Islamic Regime in Iran.

But today, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress in a very powerful and impressive manner. In his speech, Netanyahu reminded the international community with some logical and reasonable arguments about the imminent and potential threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. His speech would undoubtedly impact the course of nuclear negotiation with Iran in a very difficult manner particularly for the Obama administration. We would  probably observe the aftershocks of Netanyahu's speech within the U.S. political system in the next coming days, weeks or months.

Note: As mentioned earlier in my essay entitled "Iran should not get the nuclear bomb", i totally agree with Netanyahu, where he says: Under severe sanctions, various turmoils in the region, external and internal pressures, the Islamic Regime has so far swallowed four countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Imagine, what would the Islamic Regime do, if this clero-totalitarian Regime would obtain nuclear weapon.

M. Sirani                          03.03.2015