Monday, March 23, 2015

Russia is Using Offshore Balancing Strategy in the Middle East By Overall Supporting Iran in Various Occasions; the USA is Cooperating as well. What the Heck?

Syria and Yemen are the two clear examples in this matter. When it comes to Syria, Russia has been using all Iran's resources including Hezbollah in order to preserve and maintain its interest and influence in the country.

When it comes to Yemen, Russia is using Iran and its proxy the Houtis rebels along with the supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in order to keep away the USA and other western powers from this strategic part of the world.

Note: How on earth does the USA implement and follow its apologist and appeasement policy toward Iran?  Do the U.S. policy makers not know that they are helping, supporting and preserving the interests of Iran and consequently Russia in the region by their wrong policies? The USA is offering such supports to Russia and Iran in these areas and the same time is in a conflict with Russia about Ukraine!!!??? As it appears, within Obama administration, there are different analysts responsible  for different countries; but the point is that these analysts have absolutely no coordination and cooperation with each other. I should develop a new term for the current U.S. foreign policy: the Confusional Foreign Policy.  

No wonder, when i hear a high ranking employee within Obama administration such as lady J. Psaki publicly and openly says: still we are not sure that Iran is involved in the current tension in Yemen or not. No wonder about the current U.S. chaotic foreign policy.

M. Sirani                   23.03.2015