Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm Accusing the Current U.S. Administration,,,,,,

Here below is a copy of my short note about the series of turmoil and instability in the Middle East and some parts of Africa, due to the weak, wrong and chaotic policies of the current U.S. administration in the region. The current tension in Yemen confirms my statement to some degree. The tension in Yemen is the beginning of an unending conflict, which would spillover to different parts of the region in the near future. To put its simply, in the near future, we will observe more sectarian violence and bloody fragmentation between different Shiite and Sunni groups across the whole Middle East and some parts of Africa.

Note: When it comes to the U.S. foreign policy, the Obama administration has wrongly put all its eggs on the basket of a nuclear deal with Iran. In this respect, the administration has given an unlimited free pass to the Islamic Regime of Iran to do whatever it wants to do. This policy would unequally change the balance of power and consequently would create instability in various parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Due to the fact that every state is pursuing its own national interest and security. Given the weak presentation and incompatibility of the United Nations with regards to current tensions around the globe, and weak foreign policy of the USA in the region, the whole Middle East is entering into the new era of massive turmoil, instability and sectarian violence for many years to come. 

M. Sirani                          26.03.2015

I'm Accusing the Current U.S. Administration for Dragging the Whole Middle East into A Series of Turmoil and Instability in the Near Future.

The weak, wrong and chaotic policies of the current U.S. administration with regards to 1- Iran's mysterious and adventurous nuclear activity,  2- how to deal with ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, 3- how to deal with devastating civil war in Syria, 4- how to deal with seizing the power in Yemen by Iran and 5- how to deal with expansionist behavior of Iran in Bahrain, Palestine and Lebanon, would undoubtedly drag the whole Middle East and some parts of Africa into a more chaotic, unstable and conflictual condition.

The wrong policies of the current U.S. administration would, for example, cause nuclear-arm race in the Middle East, deteriorating the peace process between Israel and Palestine, cause the emergence and rise of more Islamic radical groups across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and more fragmentation within the international community, etc.

This trend would impact the EU in different terms as well. To put it simply, some parts of Asia, the whole Middle East and Africa would undergo a series of turmoil and instability in the next coming years, due to the huge failure and fiasco of the current U.S. administration.

Note: The current administration should for couple of minutes think about the following example.

You as the U.S. government are bombing the ISIS in Syria (which so far, has been beneficial only for Assad's Regime); at the same time, you have decided to organize and train 15,000 Syrian Rebels against Assad's Regime in Turkey; for many years you have said: Bashar Assad must leave the power and now after the death of more than 220,000 innocent people and large numbers of refugees and internally displaced people, you have come up to the idea that you should negotiate some issue directly with Assad's Regime!!!!!!. Can't you see any contradiction in these three different policies and the negative consequences of each on of them within Syria itself, among the Arab countries and your European allies? Don't you have any clear tactic and strategy with regards to the current civil war In Syria after nearly four years?

M. Sirani                       16.03.2015