Sunday, March 1, 2015

Starting Direct Flight Route From Tehran To Sana (Yemen) From Today. (The Backyard of Saudi Arabia is Occupied By Iran).

Congratulations to genius politicians, policy-makers and pundits.

In addition to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the Islamic Regime of Iran is officially swallowing Yemen.
Be prepared for further expansion across the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.

Note: The first Iranian plane full of So-Called "Humanitarian Cargo"(Read it: Weapon and military equipment) would land in Sana today. This event indicates the fact that Iran is officially occupied the backyard of Saudi Arabia. By such a smart move, the Iranian Regime has fully control about Saudi Arabia and its two major ways of exporting oil (1- from the Strait of Hormuz, 2- Through some oil pipe from Red Sea) in the region.

A map for refreshing the mind of some policy-makers and pundits.

For further detail about the map and Iran's expansionist behavior, you can read the essay entitled: "Iran should not get the nuclear bomb" in the weblog.

M. Sirani                     01.03.2015