Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Does Lifting the Sanctions on Iran Mean to the International Community? (Just An Example).

Today, the Islamic Regime's Deputy for Arab-African Affairs "Hossein Amir-Abdollahian" In an interview in Kuwait (During the conference about Syria) said that since the beginning of conflict in Syria, Iran has given nearly $ 4.2 billion dollars (So called Humanitarian help) to Assad's Regime. We should not forget that this is a amount of money that an Iranian official states. The real amount should be undoubtedly much more than $ 4.2 billion dollars.

Moreover, we should bear in mind, that this large amount of money, which is not the only one, has been given to Assad's Regime, while Iran itself has experienced a series of harsh sanctions. Such a financial support without any doubt should be applied for some other terrorist groups across the Middle East as well.

Imagine what would Iran do, when all the sanctions would be lifted.
Should this happen, would any powerful state or international entity be able to control the expansionist-hegemonic behavior of Iran in the Middle East and beyond that? The answer is easy to predict: You are digging your graves with your own hands.

M. Sirani                           31.03.2015