Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Most Chaotic Administration in the Entire History of the USA in Terms of Foreign Policy.

By this, i don't mean that i'm completely agree with all foreign policy moves of the previous U.S. administration. But without any doubt, the current administration is the most chaotic in the entire U.S. history, when it comes to an important issue such as foreign policy.The wrong, weak and inefficient policy of the Obama administration with regards to different events in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Nigeria, Mali, Yemen, and Iran are just some clear examples in this matter. This particular issue would facilitate the way for the Republican party to seize the power in the 2016 U.S. election; consequently the U.S. government would deal with different events around the world with more aggressive and harsh manner in order to cover the wrong policies of the Obama administration. Because the wrong foreign policies of Obama administration in various terms, the expectation and will of the American voters will compel the next president to run the country in this way.  

M. Sirani                            15.03.2015