Monday, March 2, 2015

The Absolute Necessity of A New Plan for the Middle East and Africa (Mostly North Africa).

Your so-called "The Green Belt Plan" resulted in the disastrous emergence of the Islamic Regime in Iran and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Your second attempt, the so-called The Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative resulted in a series of chaotic events (Known as Arab Spring) including the rise and emergence of various radical Islamic groups across the Middle East and most part of African continent. As a result of your flaw ideas and plans, we have been observing and experiencing various types of chaos, instability, civil war, terrorist activity and conflict in most part of the Middle East and Africa. The scope of these negative side effects and consequences has been spreading beyond the geographical territory of the Middle East and Africa into your own countries. In this respect, some terrorist attacks, which have been taken place in The USA, UK, France and Germany could be mentioned.

Based on some past events and what we are currently observing in the Middle East and Africa, we can easily anticipate that the situation in these areas will getting worse and chaotic in the future.To put it short, there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel of future events in both the Middle East and Africa.

Some issues such as, the demographic characteristics, high rates unemployment, severe poverty, geopolitical - strategical concerns, extremely weak democratic and political institutions, and abundance of natural resources particularly in energy sector, indicate the fact that there is a huge and broad volcano activity beneath the Middle East and Africa; a huge volcano that might erupt at any moment in a very disastrous manner. In order to avoid such a chaotic and disastrous scenario in the future, we should develop a new comprehensive and decisive plan for these areas now; before the situation is getting completely out of the control.

M. Sirani                           02.03.2015