Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Syria Shot Down An American Drone.

Following the reluctant reaction of the U.S.-led coalition with regards to joint offensive operation of Iraqi-Iranian forces in Tikrit, the Syrian air defense system shot down an American Drone in northwestern province of the country along the Mediterranean coast. This incident occurred, while, today Mr. John Kerry announced that the USA is ready to negotiate with Assad's Regime in order to find a solution for the Syrian civil war.

Note: I'm wondering when the current U.S. administration would understand that the appeasement policy towards the Regimes in Iran and Syria is counterproductive. Or when the Obama administration would understand that its current policy against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria is totally wrong, inefficient and only beneficial for both Regimes in Tehran and Damascus. As long as the coalition would change its current wrong policy against ISIS, the Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi forces-affiliates would begin with their military confrontation against the coalition forces in various forms and terms. Exactly like 2003 onward in Iraq, when different Shiite groups backed by the Iranian Regime, IRGC and Quds forces attacked the U.S. forces in the country following the collapse of Saddam's Regime.

Those, who doesn't learn from the history, repeat the same mistake again and again.

M. Sirani                          17.03.2015