Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Possible Final Outcome of Lausanne Nuclear Talks.

Releasing a draft, which indicates that:

They have been some progress in nuclear talks with Iran. The six world powers and Iran are agreed that they have some disagreements in various issues and they will continue to further negotiation in the near future.

Such a draft might save the Obama administration in the U.S. domestic arena, but not in the international arena particularly among U.S. close allies in the Middle East. But let's be honest with ourselves: is this a huge achievement after more than a decade cat and mouse struggle and eighteen months continuously diplomatic marathon negotiations with Iran?

Note: It's interesting that the Islamic Regime has been managed to delude the international community in various occasions by using Good Cup/Bad Cup policy up until yesterday. Since yesterday, the Islamic Regime and its lobbyists around the world have begun with a broad media campaign in order to once again delude the international community by implementing a newly developed policy; The Dignity Policy.

Are you interested to identify the Iranian Regime's lobbyists around the world? Search some terms such as: Iran's dignity, Iran's dignity is important, Is not the nuclear issue, the dignity of Iranian is at stake,,,,, in the last 24 hours in Google search engine. You will find many results from Foreign Affairs Magazine to anywhere else.

These Iranian Regime lovers: Do not talk about the dignity of Iranian people, which has been violated by barbaric repression of the Islamic Regime since 36 years ago; they don't talk about the dignity of nearly 70% of the Iranian people, who are living under poverty line, while the Islamic Regime financially funds various terrorist groups around the world; they do not talk about the dignity of Iran as a country and the Iranian people, which has been violated through China and Russia's exploitation, etc.

M. Sirani                          31.03.2015