Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Germany, France, Britain and Italy Are Joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

This event would cause a huge shift in the international financial market and put an end to the couple of decades domination of the IMF and the WB in the international arena. the four EU countries of Britain, France, Italy and Germany are trying to save their financial supremacy by joining this bank. As it appears the most loser of this major event is the USA that has not joined this bank up until this moment.

Note: As i have mentioned in my earlier posts, we are in the transformation phase of rise and fall of the empires. Among the super powers, this is the USA that is losing its supremacy in the next couple of decades more than any other powers; of course if the country would not fundamentally change some of its domestic as well as its foreign policy. The emergence of BRICS group and its fast development in different terms is a clear sign of this event.

M. Sirani                          17.03.2015