Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In A Sudden Move, Iran Increased Its Military Budget By An extra $1 Billion Dollar (Doesn't This move Resemble Something Like Munich Agreement For You?).

When it comes to the nuclear negotiation, Iran's proposal is clear as follows: Munich Agreement or Nothing; My Way or High Way.

Note: Based on some issues such as: the ideological characteristic of political system, inherent expansionist behavior, planning to create "A Shiite Empire" not only at regional level but also at global level, defeating the two major enemies in the Middle East i.e. 1- Israel, 2- Saudi Arabia, progressive and strong influence in the Middle East and some parts of Africa, the policy makers in Tehran should be so stupid and retarded, if they don't develop nuclear weapon somewhere in the future. Achieving these goals mentioned above, is an impossible mission without a nuclear weapon.

Some simple questions: 1- Don't some events such as enforcing resistance economy, nearly 50% increasing in military budget, gradual and steady conquering the states one by one in the Middle East, adventurous and secret nuclear activity show you that the Islamic Regime is preparing itself for something? Don't these issues to some extent resemble the Munich Agreement for you? Don't you smell something fishy in the combination of all these events? (If not, you probably need to arrange an appointment with a good political ENT specialist).

M. Sirani                                          03.03.2015