Friday, March 27, 2015

You Are Dealing With Devil; But You are Not Aware of That.

Based on my knowledge about the Islamic Regime, its history, its structure of power, its short and long term goals, its ideological characteristic i.e. Shiite branch of Islam, its progressive expansionist behavior, the culture of the Iranian people to some extent, and the details of the possible nuclear deal i can tell you that you are dealing with devil; in the final stage, you are the main losers of this deal not the Islamic Regime of Iran. To put it simply, i don't see any light at the end of your nuclear deal tunnel with Iran, neither for those Iranian people, who are totally against the Mullahs Regime, nor for you the western countries, nor for the whole region of the Middle East.

Note: No deal with Iran at this stage does not mean a military confrontation with Iran. This is a totally wrong discourse produced by Obama administration in order to delude and convince the American public. Those, who have a basic knowledge about the Military Affairs know that it is unlikely to be able to destroy all Iran's nuclear facilities and technology for ever by some military strike, due to many reasons, limitations and restrictions. Contrary to what the Obama administration claims, there is a middle way. I have briefly explored this middle way in one of my previous notes. Those, who are interested can read my short note entitled: Deal or no deal, Iran is secretly passing the nuclear red line somewhere in the future. 

Whether you like or not, whether you make a nuclear deal or not, Iran is finally pursuing the nuclear weapon somewhere in the future beyond your will, power and control no matter how. As such, do not lift the sanctions; instead increase the costs for the Islamic Regime in every possible way;  put the pressure on Iran in various legal, diplomatic, economic and political arenas and at the same time implement the Regime Change policy in Iran in a very serious, precise, comprehensive  and constructive manner. This is the only solution. Otherwise, lift the sanctions on Iran; empower Iran in different terms; appease Iran's expansionist behavior in the Middle East and North Africa and at the same time wait for Iran's nuclear bomb test somewhere in the future.

Be reasonable: Which option do you prefer? What a logical mind says in this matter?

M. Sirani                             27.03.2015