Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Can't Totally Stop Iran, But We Can Largely Harness the Hegemonic-Expansionist Behavior of Iran.

When it comes to the nuclear issue, we should not delude ourselves about the final goal and destination of the Islamic Regime in Iran. The Islamic Regime has designed a broad divine plan for imposing its hegemony on the Middle East and Africa from the beginning based on its ideological characteristic. Different evidences indicate the fact that the Regime has been following this plan in a non-stoppable manner and without any interruption in the course of last 36 years. Performing such a broad and huge plan, however, in order to achieve a divine goal in one of the most strategic regions of the contemporary world i.e. the Middle East, without acquiring nuclear weapon is almost impossible.

In addition, we should not forget that the international community with current leverages no matter what, cannot fully stop Iran in this matter. We might be able to put an extra pressure on Iran in various forms by implementing different restrictions; but the idea that we can totally prevent Iran in this matter is a serious delusion. This is an unpleasant fact that we should deal with it in a reasonable and logical manner at the present. To put it simply, Iran is steady, gradually and secretly following the path of North Korea beyond the will, power and control of any super power like the USA or EU or any powerful international institute such as the UN.

In reality, this is a very sad story for the free international community including for us, those Iranians in exile, who have been trying to fundamentally overthrow the Islamic Regime. But this is not the end of story. We might not be able to prevent Iran in acquiring nuclear weapon, but we would be able to slow down and harness Iran's progressive hegemonic behavior to a large extent in different terms by implementing some new policies in the strategic regions of the Middle East and some parts of Africa as well. By performing a series of new policies (which i don't explore them publicly and openly in this weblog), we would be able to hugely increase the cost in various terms and forms for the Islamic Regime. This issue, consequently and undoubtedly, would impact the adventurous behavior of the Iranian Regime on its foreign policy in the region. If we manage to perform these series of policies in a very smart, professional and appropriate manner, we might probably be able to impact the Islamic Regime in domestic arena and mobilize a large numbers of the Iranians people against the regime.

It should be mentioned that this is not an short term plan or an easy task, due to different reasons, which exploring each one of them even though briefly, is out of the scope of this short note. But it is not an impossible mission. I'm pretty sure it is not.

Note: One might cast a doubt on my proposal by saying that the current harsh sanctions couldn't totally stop Iran in this matter. How on earth, your plan might end up into a successful outcome in this matter. In response, i would briefly notify you with some explanations as follows.

1- Contrary to what the West claims, those sanctions imposed on Iran were/ are not complete and comprehensive or hard based on many reasons. As some examples, you can search some names and illegal activities of some people such as Babak Zanjani or Alireza Zarab in Google.

2- Bearing in mind the important role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in different social, cultural, economic and political arenas in Iran and abroad , the western countries did/ do not have a coherent harsh and confrontation policy in different terms against the IRGC and its subset organizations in domestic as well as international arena.

3- When it comes to the Iranian Regime itself also, you the western powers did /do not have a coherent logical and professional policy. In some cases, even in one single country, different governmental institutions do not have a coherent tactic and strategy with regards to Iran. In this respect, the USA is one of the best and at the same time peculiar examples. Look at the various statements about Iran released by the White House, the State Department, Ministry of Defense , CIA and in some cases FBI for example. In most cases, without any doubt, we cannot find a single event (i emphasize a single event) that all these institutions have released the same statement about that event. I know this is a shocking news for most of us, but it is a fact.  

In this respect, i can mention many other loopholes, which the combination of all of them clearly shows why you have not been able to dismantle and control the Islamic Regime in different occasions up until this moment. My plan, on the contrary, would cover all those loopholes in a very fundamental and comprehensive manner.

M. Sirani                                  24.03.2015