Tuesday, March 3, 2015

President Obama Says: Netanyahu Didn't Say Anything New; Didn't Offer An Alternative.

I put completely aside today's Netanyahu speech before the Congress.

But, when it comes to an alternative with regards to Iran's nuclear activity, i say:

Mr President
There was, still is and might will be an alternative for Iran's nuclear activity and its expansionist behavior; But your administration did not, do not and will not pay attention to it.

You might wonder why? This is the story. Iranian Regime's lobbies have become Iran Analyst in your administration; Iranian regime's lobbies have penetrated in every important social, cultural,  educational, media ( For example VOA the voice of America, CNN and BBC), economic and political institutions in your country, the USA and other Western countries; you are directly appeasing the Iranian Regime by choosing a wrong policy in the war against ISIS and many other examples.

By such a dark background, you are labeling those, who criticize the chaotic foreign policy of your administration, either warmongers or those, who have no alternative.

M. Sirani                                           03.03.2015