Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's the Time that We Replace the Name of Chamberlain and Munich Agreement With New Names and New Event. In Social Science, We Need A New and Updated Example.

It's the time that we say good bye to an old fashion theme such as Chamberlain and his shameful Munich Agreement and use a new and updated example. lol

Note: It's so funny and accidental (loooool) in that time Hitler was Swallowing Czechoslovakia, while Chamberlain was drowning in his dream amid a precious peace deal with Hitler. Today, the Islamic Regime is swallowing Yemen and other states one by one in the Middle East, while the Western policy makers are drowning in their dreams amid a reliable and verifiable precious nuclear deal with Tehran.
Those, who don't learn from history, repeat the same mistake.

M. Sirani                               03.03.2015