Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Scandal For Julia Tymoshenko And Those, Who Are Supporting Her. Watch The Clip.

We have the right to be critical against Russia or president Putin, but we should not close our eyes to the facts. This is something that the policy makers in the USA and some of the European countries do not pay enough attention to it. In some circumstances the authorities in the U.S. and some EU countries hang on to the totally wrong people or group in order to just achieve their goal. As such, they are repeatedly following the policy of "the end justify the means"; a clear Machiavellian behavior.

Supporting Julia Tymoshenko and her allies is an example of such a behavior of the USA and some Eu countries in their foreign policy. Watch the video clip below. In this phone conversation, Julia Tymoshenko loudly and clearly says: we should grab the gun and kill Russians and their leader. The other person asks Julia Tymoshenko: what should we do with 8 million Russians, who live in Ukraine? In response to this question, Julia Tymoshenko answers: we must kill them with nuclear weapon!!!

This simple phone conversation illustrates a lot. It shows that the USA and some EU countries are supporting and promoting ultra nationalist and chauvinist group in Ukraine, just in order to defeat Russia and president Putin. Is that make a sense? Would such a group of people with such a mentality be able to provide peace, stability, freedom and democracy for all the people in Ukraine?

Note: The Islamic Regime wants to wipe out Israel; Julia Tymoshenko wants to wipe out Russia. Common value.

M. Sirani                                  26.03.2014