Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creation of National Guard in Ukraine???!!! (Do Not Think About the Use of Western Private Security Contractors in Ukraine).

Leaving aside that this move could be clearly understood as a preparation for a civil war or a coup d'état, 
i hope the policy makers in the USA and some of the European countries are smart enough to do not involve some members of  private army and security contractors in this so-called "National Guard" in Ukraine.

Once again, i repeat my previous warning. With such hasty and interventionist behaviors, the USA and some of the European countries are directly compelling Russia toward the point of no return in this matter. The result of such reactions would lead Ukraine toward either a bloody civil war or geographical fragmentation beyond the Crimean Peninsula.

The policy makers in the West should pay attention to this point that the current interim Ukrainian government is not the representative of all eligible people in this country. There are some Ukrainians, who neither support the current interim government nor former president Yanukovich, based on many reasons. Such a differentiation could be a simple cause of a civil war in the current chaotic atmosphere of Ukraine. There are also many external actors, who would take a side in such an event. To put its simply, there are enough materials for the beginning of a civil war in Ukraine. Thus, it would be wise for the policy makers in the West to once again review their policies with regard to current tension in Ukraine.There is still place for diplomatic solution.

M. Sirani                         13.03.2014