Saturday, March 15, 2014

About The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

As the new data suggests, the flight MH370 may have been sabotaged or hijacked. If this news is true, there are two possibilities for this flight. Either the flight MH370 has been intentionally or unintentionally crashed or exploded by the hijackers somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean, or it has landed in a secret comfort zone, which might be a blind zone for most of the radars and satellites in that area. If the flight MH370 has been crashed or exploded, (which i hope not) then sooner or later, we will / should find the wreckage of the plane somewhere in the region. But, if the plane has been hijacked or sabotaged, we are facing another story.

There is, so far, a hypothesis in this regard. Some claim that the flight MH370 has headed toward the Andaman Islands located in the Indian Ocean. The probability that flight MH370 has landed somewhere in these Islands, is very low, based on many technical, geographical and most importantly military reasons. As an example, these Islands are strategically important areas for India. Thus, the idea that the flight MH370 has landed in one of these Islands and the Indian authorities have not detected this event yet, is something hard to believe.

If the plane has been hijacked and the perpetrators have not exploded or crashed the plane yet and moreover, if the plane has flown toward the West, as the Malaysian authorities claim, the flight MH370 may have landed in a remote area in some other countries in the region. Among these potentially suspicious countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan could be mentioned. I don't want to point my finger at any of these countries directly and blame their authorities for such an event. My point is that these countries have the best potentiality for such an action, based on many reasons, which are out of the scope of this short note. In this respect, however, Iran might or could be an exception, due to the fact that Iran has done such a hijacking in the past. As a clear example, the hijacking of a civilian plane in 2010 and subsequently capturing and arresting Abdolmalek Rigi by the Iranian authority, could be mentioned.

After all, what lesson/s can we draw from this event, if ( I emphasize "if") the flight MH370 has been really hijacked, as the Malaysian Authority claims? In response to this question, four important issues could be mentioned.

1- The first important issue is the safety and security of all passengers and the crew of flight MH370. This is something that not only the Malaysian authority but also the international community should be aware and focus on it.

 2- The second issue is a fact that after all these years since 9/11, some states, airports and airlines are still vulnerable and chaotic in terms of following, implementing and preserving the proper security measures.

3- The third issue is a potential serious threat, which might be used against us somewhere in the near future. This missing plane can be used as a powerful weapon to aim at any target around the world. Thus, it would be wise that all the states in the region should be on full alert in terms of security concern, at least for a while.

4- The fourth issue is the scale of threat in this hijacking. If the perpetrators have hijacked the plane and after couple of days, still they have not demanded any ransom or request, we should be much more careful, more than the third issue mentioned above. Such a behavior might be understood that the perpetrators are preparing themselves for some big and sudden further move or attack. Therefore, they don't want to reveal their location or identification at this stage. In this case, we should be carefully prepared and follow the rule of "expect the unexpected".
(Once again, i emphasize that the issues mentioned above are some possibilities, in case that the flight MH370 has been hijacked). 

In sum, I don't want to develop a conspiracy theory by saying that an important person has been in this flight; thus a governmental authority in the region or elsewhere has decided to secretly hijack the flight MH370. But, it would be very useful, if the Malaysian authority reveals the real names and photos of all the passengers and the flight crew of the flight MH370. By using this type of data, we might be able to find a better and reliable information about the mystery of flight MH370. Otherwise, the flight MH370 might be added to many so-called "unresolved, unknown and mysterious events" in our historical archive, at least for some decades to come.  

Note: If i had enough information, for example about the passengers and crew in this flight or some technical information such as: how far the flight MH370 can fly (in terms of fuel), or the type of communication devices (visible or hidden) embedded within this plane and their accessibility for passengers and crew as well, i would have provided a better and more reliable analysis in this matter. However, as an individual, i hope all the passengers and crew of the flight MH370 are in a safe and secure condition & environment, wherever they are and soon will join their families and relatives. Maybe, I'm too optimist, but this is the only thing i can do at the present; wish them all the best of luck.

M. Sirani                                   15.03.2014