Thursday, March 27, 2014

UN General Assembly Declares Crimea Secession Illegal.

Today, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution, which indicates that Crimea secession is an internationally illegal and invalid act. The interesting thing is that among 193- nation assembly, 100 members voted in the favor of resolution and 11 against, 58 abstentions and moreover, a  number of countries did not participate in the vote at all. In other words, almost half of the UN General Assembly members has directly or indirectly voted in the favor of Russia against the passed resolution. This is an important sign, which the USA and EU should carefully pay attention to it. This event shows that the recent wrong policy and interventionist reaction of the Western countries amid Ukraine dispute has improved and promoted the reputation of Russia among many countries. This trend will increase and grow more than what we observe at the present time.   

M. Sirani                                   27.03.2014