Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Russia Checkmated U.S. and Some EU Countries in Crimea.

Finally, the totally wrong foreign policy of U.S. and some of the EU countries in Ukraine led to the promotion of President Putin in the international arena. Russia officially annexed Crimea today.

This is a historical moment that Victoria Nuland and some other EU's officials did not anticipate it, while they were happily distributing some candy among the Ukrainian people at Meidan Square in Kiev couple of months ago. This event, however, shows that some of the policy makers in both the USA and EU do not have appropriate expertise in performing their jobs. Such policy makers know what they want; they know where and how they have to start a policy; but they have absolutely no idea what the side effect or consequences of their acts might be. In other words, such policy makers know how they should jump and fly, but they have absolutely no idea where they would land in the end. These policy makers should pay more attention to this notion: starting and performing any policy is easy. But this is not the whole issue. The important point is how this policy reach its main goal in an appropriate manner with minimum negative consequence and side effect. This is something that Mr. H. Kissinger wrote about it in his recent article with regard to the current tension in Ukraine. 

At this stage, however, it would be wise for the USA and EU to implement "damage control policy" with regard to the current tension in Ukraine. Different evidences indicate the fact that the harsh reaction not only cannot stop Russia, instead it would facilitate a better opportunity for Kremlin to intervene in other parts of Ukraine in the near future. The potentiality for such a move exists within Ukraine itself as well. I hope the policy makers in both the USA and EU observe such potentialities. Thus, the USA and EU should ease the tension and try to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution for this conflict. Otherwise, the situation in Ukraine would become worse than what it is now.

M. Sirani                        18.03.2014