Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ukraine is the Last Station of the EU and NATO Expansion.

The current reaction of President Putin with regard to Ukraine is the same as the reaction of President Kennedy in 1962, when Nikita Khruschev proposed the idea of placing some of Soviet Union nuclear missiles in Cuba. In this respect, we cannot blame Russia, If we put our feet in the shoes of the policy makers in Kremlin. In fact, the current reaction of Russia in Ukraine could be understood as the starting point of implementation of the Monroe Doctrine of President Putin in this part of the world. By deploying forces into the Crimean Peninsula, Russia is loudly and clearly shouting to the EU and NATO that: No More Expansion; Enough is Enough. Thus, it would be wise for the USA and EU to do not take any hasty decision in this matter. The policy makers in the USA and EU should understand that some ideas such as kicking Russia out of G8 countries or imposing sanctions on Russia not only do not solve this problem, instead, it would escalate the tension and cause extra problems in different terms particularly in two economic and security arenas. By performing such policies, the EU would lose the same as Russia and the result of these policies would impact the international community. In sum, President Putin is determined to make Ukraine the Last Station of the EU and NATO Expansion in this part of the world.

M. Sirani                                  12.03.2014